Day: June 29, 2020

Shabbat 115

As we know, the Jewish people have been referred to as ‘the people of the book’, and since the beginnings of Jewish history, Jews have revered the word of God and the sacred scrolls in which the words of God are found. Given all this, the halachot presented in today’s daf (Shabbat 115a) aren’t merely…

Shabbat 114

Having previously been discussing Shabbat clothes, today’s daf (Shabbat 114a) relates a story about a form of clothes as well as an important lesson about the extent to which we must respect and follow the instructions of those who are near death.We are told that when Rav Yannai was near death he told his sons:…

Shabbat 113

Today’s daf (Shabbat 113a-b) informs us that a person should wear different clothes (מלבוש) on Shabbat than those that they wear during the week, they should walk differently on Shabbat than they do on the week, and they should speak different on Shabbat than they do on the week.Interestingly, it is often thought that ‘Shabbat…