Day: November 15, 2020

Eruvin 98

‘A person may stand in a reshut hayachid (private domain) and move things in a reshut harabim (public domain), or stand in a reshut harabim (public domain) and move things in a reshut hayachid (private domain)’.These are the opening words of Mishna Eruvin (10:4, 98b) which refer to the laws of ‘hotza’ah’ (carrying on Shabbat)…

Eruvin 97

The Mishna in today’s daf (Eruvin 10:3, 97b) speaks of someone reading a sacred scroll (i.e. containing biblical verses) in a raised private domain when, suddenly, one end of the scroll fell and rolled into the space of a public domain.According to the Tana Kamma, if the fallen end of the scroll was more than…