Day: December 26, 2020

Pesachim 35

 ‘Demai’ is the term given to produce grown in the Land of Israel where a doubt exists whether Terumah and Ma’aser has been removed from it.Of course, were it to be known with certainty that Terumah and Ma’aser has not been taken, then such produce would be considered ‘Tevel’ and may not be consumed until…

Pesachim 34

 Much of today’s daf (Pesachim 34) discusses the halachic principle of היסח הדעת (i.e. diverting or ceasing to focus one’s attention on a specific matter), and specifically, the necessity, as learnt from Bemidbar 18:8, to safeguard terumah and be attentive that it not be ‘contaminated’ by טומאה (impurity).In general, wherever the principle of היסח הדעת…