Day: January 18, 2022

Moed Katan 6

Having been taught in the Mishna (Moed Katan 1:2) that ויוצאין אף על הכלאים – ‘[agents of the court] also go out [to inspect fields] for Kilayim (plant crossbreeding) [on Chol HaMoed Pesach]’, today’s daf (Moed Katan 6a) raises the question as to why this is done for the later crops (according to one opinion)…

Moed Katan 5

We were previously taught in the Mishna (Moed Katan 1:2) that it is permissible to fix markers on an unmarked grave – or what is known as ציון קברות – on Chol HaMoed to serve as a warning to those passing by from contracting Tum’at Met. And in today’s daf (Moed Katan 5a), there is…