Day: January 27, 2022

Moed Katan 15

Today is International Holocaust Memorial Day when many people around the world will learn about, and reflect upon, the horrors of what was done to our people, and how they were ghettoized, imprisoned, starved, abused, and brutally murdered. And as I learn today’s daf (Moed Katan 15a-b), which lists many of the restrictions of a…

Moed Katan 14

We are taught by Rav Yosef in today’s daf (Moed Katan 14b) that the Sanhedrin would try capital cases on Chol HaMoed.The problem with this, as noted by Abaye while quoting a teaching from Rabbi Akiva, is that members of a Sanhedrin would fast on the day when someone whom they had judged to be…