Day: August 20, 2022

Ketubot 44

While discussing the punishment given to a Jewish woman who committed adultery having formally married her husband (kiddushin) but not yet having moved in with him (nissuin), the Mishna (Ketubot 4:3) in today’s daf (Ketubot 44a) addresses whether all the specific details of this punishment are equally applied to a Jewish woman who had previously…

Ketubot 43

Today’s daf (Ketubot 43a) touches on an important topic which talks to me very personally. Specifically, what will happen to my wife and daughters if I were to suddenly die?This question emerges from the Gemara’s discussion whether a husband has the same financial concerns for his widow as he may have for his daughters. According…

Ketubot 42

Having just started the fourth chapter of Massechet Ketubot titled נערה שנתפתתה meaning ‘a girl who was seduced’, and given the contrast in the Torah between the punishment of the seducer (see Shemot 22:15-16) and that of the rapist (see Devarim 22:28-29), and given the statement in today’s daf (Ketubot 42a) that the girl who…