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Hard butter

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘like cutting through butter with a hot knife’? If so, you will know that it describes the ease with which a specific action or activity can be performed, and since I prepare sandwiches for my kids each morning, I know that having soft butter and a regular knife,…

The reality is complex

I recently read a quote from Rav Yehuda Amital which I think speaks volumes about how Halacha is learnt, explained, taught and even – in some cases – decided: ‘Whereas Halacha may be simple, the evaluation of reality is complex. Just as Judaism rejects the Karaite negation of the Oral Law, maintaining instead that there…

Lifesaving conversations

I recently started a series of online conversations with someone who reached out to me a few weeks ago looking for wisdom, clarity and insight.This particular individual studied at Yeshiva for some time and is familiar with many of the classic Jewish works. Nevertheless, in recent years they have felt an increasing disconnect between their…