Category: Halacha

Kissing children, and adults, in a shul

A shul is meant to be a place where we are in communion with God and where we nurture our awareness of standing in the presence of God. Given this, R’ Binyamin Ze’ev Marta (1475-1545), basing himself on Sefer Aguda and the Kol Bo, states that a person should not kiss their children in a…

Shehecheyanu on a bat/bar mitzvah

The Shehecheyanu bracha is a religious expression of joy & happiness, and it would be natural to presume that this bracha is recited at religious milestones such as Bat/Bar Mitzvah. It is at Bat/Bar Mitzvah when young women and men become autonomous spiritual agents carrying personal responsibility for performing the mitzvot, and since Shehecheyanu is…