Doreen Samuels

Your clarity of spiritual insight is breathtaking.

Debbie Zemon Fitzerman

I am in awe of how you can pull out meaning from every daf.

Sara Sissenwein Norris

I absolutely love how you bring the daf each day to life…you bring it to life and make it fit in my heart.

Elan Adler

Your summaries are goldmines!!

Tania Hammer

Learning daf yomi with Rav Johnny Solomon is a highlight of my day

Yocheved Golani

Your lessons make my day Rabbi Johnny…When I read your online lessons my soul feels refreshed and purified.

Amanda Horwitz

Having started the daf at the beginning of the new cycle, I always enjoy your insights and find that your narrowing down and focus on one idea truly starts off my days with a great big think – so thank you.

Boris Dovala

To read your commentary after reading my daily daf is like a dessert after a meal

Jennifer Phillips

I appreciate how you make the Talmud personal and spiritual, with real life applications. I had only found teachers who do this with the Zohar and I have more desire to learn from the Talmud now. Thank you.

Susan Shabsels

Thank you.. for again weaving the message in the daf with our daily practices. This ability of yours to bring the Talmud into the present makes learning so meaningful for me

Alan Shlomo Koor

Your words inspire every day

Jonathan Goldberg

After perusing several of his recent daf articles, I want to call out Rabbi Johnny Solomon’s amazing ability to find contemporary relevance in every daf. I do remember from a very long time ago a maggid shiur saying that if you look carefully you can find mussar on every daf (it might have been Rabbi…