December 4, 2020

Eruvin 105


Dear friends,

Over the past 104 days we have studied Massechet Eruvin.

During this period, we have examined the relationship between the sacred time of Shabbat and the physical spaces in which we are allowed to carry or walk on Shabbat – and what can be done to one in order to enrich the other.

Shabbat is shared time when we emulate God and honour God as Creator. And Eruvin are shared spaces which we use to strengthen our ties with our neighbours and our community.

And what we have learnt from the many detailed discussions in Massechet Eruvin is that what we do for one another, and what we share with one another, can broaden the space – and the opportunities – that we share together.

Significantly, the final daf of Massechet Eruvin (105a) discusses the ultimate sacred space – namely the Temple – and by doing so the Gemara teaches us that just as boundaries existed in the Temple space, so too, boundaries exist in the space and time of Shabbat.

Yet by also making reference on this final page to the tying of broken harp strings on Shabbat – which itself reminds us of the physical act of tying Eruvin around streets and courtyards – we are reminded that the simple act of tying a knot, can produce an exquisite outcome that tugs at the heartstrings of our soul.

I look forward to learning Massechet Pesachim with you and continuing our learning journey together.

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