Invite Me to Teach

Rav Johnny is an engaging, dynamic, and inspirational speaker who has taught in schools, synagogues and communities around the world. Rav Johnny is available to physically come to your community as a scholar-in-residence, or alternatively, you may wish to invite Rav Johnny to deliver an online shiur, course or workshop. To find out more, and to discuss details, please email Rav Johnny at or send him a whatsapp at 052-603-0962.

Topic Choices

Emuna, Religion, Prayer & Spirituality

  • Emuna Errors in the modern age
  • Spiritual coaching for Modern Orthodox Jews
  • What is the relationship between being religious and being spiritual?
  • The different ways we pray
  • Prayer, Need Awareness, and our reduced sense of dependence on God in the modern age


  • Bereishit –The ultimate halachic question
  • Halachic Consultation vrs. Psak Halacha
  • Exploring the Shehecheyanu bracha
  • Contemporary debates about Shabbat and the digital home
  • Subjectivity in Halachic Decision-Making
  • Hilchot Mental Health
Jewish Thought
  • The relationship between Machshava and Halacha
  • Why is Machshava not on the semicha curriculum?
  • Treating Brachot as a Machshava sefer
  • What made Rabbi Sacks such a unique Jewish thinker?
  • How we should honour the legacy of Rabbi Sacks


  • What is Aggada and how to learn it
  • What is Halacha and how to learn it
  • How to learn the Shulchan Aruch
  • How to learn She’elot U’Teshuvot


  • Nusach Achid and Am Echad –The story of Rabbi Shlomo Goren and his attempt to unify Jewish liturgy
  • Rav Goren, Rav Herzog and the ‘War Get’?
  • The halachic ruling that fractured the Modern State of Israel
  • Rav Waldenberg’s Hilchot Medinah


  • Is there a mitzvah of Chinuch, and if so, does it ever end?
  • The role of the teacher in the thought of Rav Soloveitchik
  • How to write an Ethical will and why every parent should do so


  • Why I became #theVirtualRabbi
  • My research on how we’ve got the conversation about smartphones all wrong
  • The opportunities and stumbling blocks of using digital Torah databases