Parenting in perspective

by Barry Kislowicz
Maggid Books, 2016
Jewish parents want their children to be happy, healthy, successful and committed to both the ethical and religious dimensions of Judaism. But while some parents seem to intuitively know what to do as Jewish parents, raising children that behave and interact in ways that reflect the best of Jewish values, others struggle. Despite their best efforts this second group of parents cannot seem to align their aspirations with reality, and when their children behave and interact in ways that do not reflect the best of Jewish values, these parents are confused and frustrated.In such cases, the knee-jerk reaction by such parents is to identify effective parenting strategies so they can learn how to nurture more positive behavior within their child. But, as Rabbi Dr. Barry Kislowicz explains, Jewish parenting is complex and if we want to raise children who not only behave appropriately but also who show a commitment and sensitivity to Jewish values, we need a perspective.

In Parenting in Perspective Rabbi Kislowicz provides Jewish parents with a deeper perspective on parenting while exploring how they – through their day-to-day interactions – can help their child live a moral and committed life.To achieve this goal Rabbi Kislowicz refers to some of the wisest teachings in the Jewish tradition about parenting while also exploring modern research concerning the psychology underpinning parent-child interactions. In Parenting in Perspective you can find ideas from Lawrence Kohlberg, Moses Maimonides, Viktor Frankl and James Fowler, but what helps ensure that the perspectives offered in this engaging book are concrete is how Rabbi Kislowicz constantly refers to two fictional families – the Abram’s and the Stein’s – to demonstrate how the ideas that he shares can be put into action.

It is through the narratives created about the Abram’s and the Stein’s that Rabbi Kislowicz is able to explore many scenarios about Jewish parenting: from children who don’t want to go to shul, to those who fight between themselves; from insensitive behavior towards friends, to the appropriate boundaries that should be established for teenage children.

Parenting in Perspective is a refreshing, engaging, thoughtful yet easy-to read book that speaks honestly about the challenges of parenting, and offers valuable insights about how to make the right choices and be the best example. To order a copy of this book, click here.