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Rabbi For Those Without A Rabbi

Shalom! My name is Rabbi Johnny Solomon – otherwise known as #TheVirtualRabbi – and in addition to being a teacher and writer, I am a Rabbi for those without a Rabbi. I love coaching people, answering their halachic questions, and sharing deep and inspirational ideas with them, and through my work as #TheVirtualRabbi I provide online spiritual coaching, halachic consultations and one-to-one learning to women and men literally around the world.

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#VirtualRabbi Services


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#VirtualRabbi services are user friendly:



Meet with me from the comfort of your home. 


Easy Booking

Fix a time to meet in just a few clicks that works with your schedule. 



I prepare content for each session according to each individual’s needs and interests.  



I am discreet in terms of whatever topic or questions clients wish to discuss with me. 


While most sessions are in English, I am a fluent hebrew speaker and offer sessions in hebrew as well. 

About Rav Johnny Solomon

Originally from London, Rav Johnny Solomon is a Jewish educator and writer, an MA in Jewish Education, and semicha from the Montefiore Kollel.  In 2012 Rav Johnny made aliya with his wife Donna and their 5 daughters, and he divides his time between teaching and  working as a Jewish education consultant, editing Jewish books for Mosaica Press, and providing online spiritual coaching, halachic consultations and one-to-one learning to men and women around the world. Rav Johnny also writes a daily Daf Yomi , he is a contributor to the RZWeekly podcast,  a posek to his local shul, and he is a board member of Chochmat Nashim.

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