• “Thanks to one phone call with Rav Johnny, I was able to clarify some very important things for myself. That one phone call led me toward taking one step and then another toward preserving my mental and physical health. I never would have believed it a few months ago, but I have become a morning person. I have clarified and worked towards preserving things that are a priority in my life, and I feel very grateful that there are kind, wise, giving people like Rav Johnny who can help others be their best selves.”
  • “After my first spiritual coaching session I felt more understood, focused and motivated to move forward. Rav Johnny Solomon helped me to create a small enough realistic goal to get started and has continued to be a calm, supportive and empowering force who sees the best in me and what I’m capable of achieving. His altruistic humility is a rare gift.”
  • “Having had the opportunity to learn from Rav Johnny both in group settings and in one-to-one sessions, I can truly say his wisdom, advice, and endless knowledge of Torah has played a major role in helping me and my family find our place hashkafically.”
  • “I reached out to Rabbi Johnny about three years ago after. I had just made Aliya and was looking for specific guidance in a very personal sensitive halachic area. I was not only blown away by his rabbinical competence but I was overwhelmed by his humanity. Rabbi Johnny has such a unique and special way of helping people with complex contemporary halachic and personal issues. I’m so appreciative to have Rabbi Johnny in my life.”
  • “I signed up last week had my first one to one learning session with Rabbi Johnny Solomon. I put in a bespoke request to learn on a contemporary halachic topic that would help inform me on a burning community issue and Rabbi Johnny Solomon put together everything I needed to understand the issue and gave me further materials to research afterwards.”
  • “Rav Johnny is very easy to talk to, patient and explains the issues being discussed clearly and concisely.  It is wonderful to find someone that is approachable and non-judgmental and provides clear guidance and answers.  Thank you, Rav Johnny.”
  • “I still remind myself (often!) of your wise words and about being able to live with unresolved religious struggle without it feeling like hypocrisy or cognitive dissonance. It’s helped me many times.”
  • “R’ Johnny – you have given us so much insight. I hope we are blessed again in the future to learn with you”