#VirtualRabbi Services Testimonials
After my first spiritual coaching session I felt more understood, focused and motivated to move forward. Rav Johnny helped me to create a small enough realistic goal to get started and has continued to be a calm, supportive and empowering force who sees the best in me and what I'm capable of achieving. His altruistic humility is a rare gift.
Prior to meeting with Rabbi Solomon, I was not entirely sure what Spiritual Coaching entailed, but I was hopeful that the session would help me reconnect with G-d during a very difficult time. Rabbi Solomon approached my issue with so much compassion and respect, and really helped to reframe what I am going through in a way that left me feeling relieved and hopeful. If you are struggling with issues of faith or spirituality and are looking for intelligent conversation and inspiration, I highly recommend booking some time with Rabbi Solomon
Thanks for a very insightful and practical spiritual coaching & halachic consultation session. We both found it very helpful and will hopefully make our chag experience much calmer and joyful for everyone.
I still remind myself (often!) of your wise words and about being able to live with unresolved religious struggle without it feeling like hypocrisy or cognitive dissonance. It’s helped me many times.
I reached out to Rabbi Johnny as I was looking for specific guidance in a very personal sensitive halachic area. I was not only blown away by his rabbinical competence but I was overwhelmed by his humanity. Rabbi Johnny has such a unique and special way of helping people with complex contemporary halachic and personal issues. I’m so appreciative to have Rabbi Johnny in my life.
Studying with Rav Johnny has been a real highlight of my Jewish studies. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable, but most relatable in our lessons. I have never experienced a teacher like Rav Johnny.
Having had the opportunity to learn from Rav Johnny both in group settings and in one-to-one sessions, I can truly say his wisdom, advice, and endless knowledge of Torah has played a major role in helping me and my family find our place hashkafically.
Rav Johnny is very easy to talk to, patient and explains the issues being discussed clearly and concisely. It is wonderful to find someone that is approachable and non-judgmental and provides clear guidance and answers. Thank you, Rav Johnny.
Thanks to one phone call with Rav Johnny, I was able to clarify some very important things for myself. That one phone call led me toward taking one step and then another toward preserving my mental and physical health. I never would have believed it a few months ago, but I have become a morning person. I have clarified and worked towards preserving things that are a priority in my life, and I feel very grateful that there are kind, wise, giving people like Rav Johnny who can help others be their best selves.
I left my coaching session with a lighter heart, and a greater insight into my life as it stands now. I am ever grateful I had the courage to book myself in for a spiritual coaching session - it was completely worthwhile & transformative. Rav Johnny is an empathetic and insightful coach that gives you the space and encouragement to consider yourself and your life in a wholesome and holistic manner - something which I deeply needed.
In Rav Johnny's coaching sessions I don't have to play safe, hide behind halacha I struggle with, and emunah issues I find difficult to tackle.
It was so refreshing to learn from Rav Johnny! I love how he pushed me to look deeper into the text to help reveal deeper meaning and clarity, and it was especially wonderful to hear how he drew lessons from what we were learning to apply to our daily lives.
Within one hour, Rav Johnny was able to listen to my concerns, reframe them in highly insightful ways, and provide me with a new perspective. I am amazed that he was able to accomplish this in such a short time, and would highly recommend that people who are looking for intellectually honest, insightful, source-based coaching turn to Rav Johnny.
Rav Johnny was able to listen to my concerns, frame them back to me in highly insightful ways, and provide a framework that revised how I thought about the whole concept…I would highly recommend that people who are looking for intellectually honest, insightful, source-based coaching turn to Rav Johnny.
I was feeling like I was in a rut with my relationship with Judaism. I was very confused about what path I wanted to go down. Rabbi Johnny Solomon took the time to help me air my thoughts and talk through things. I felt like my questions were valued and respected, and I felt safe questioning, “arguing” and complaining about things that bother me. He had well educated responses to the more “taboo” questions I asked. He helped me feel empowered to own my journey in Judaism, and took the time to curate resources for me so that I can take my learning further. I now feel like my path is starting to become clearer, and I feel more empowered to start rebuilding.
Quite honestly I don't even know where to begin. The bottom line is that Rav Johnny not only provided the halachic guidance I was seeking, but also the validation and understanding I didn't even realize was missing. My entire adult life has been a balancing act between halacha and mental health. Somehow, in just an hour, Rav Johnny was able to hear and understand where I was coming from, validate that there really was a basis for asking the questions I was asking, provide me with halachic guidance and sourcing, and help me see that there is an appropriate and acceptable way to balance halacha and health without the need for either compromise or guilt. Our conversation gave me the tools to reframe my approach to mental health and Torah observance and, for the first time I can recall, see them in a positive light. Rav Johnny, I can never thank you enough. In what was probably just a part of a regular day for you you tackled over 20 years of trauma, harmful advice given by well-meaning rabbanim and educators who simply lacked a nuanced understanding of mental health, and accumulated resentment, frustration, and helplessness. I am not articulate enough to put the shift in my mindset into words or properly express how your empathy and guidance impacted me, but I genuinely believe our conversation was a turning point in changing my life for the better in so many ways.
"I am very grateful to you for the session and feel that it was a real relief to be able to honestly share my situation with a thoughtful, caring and person who takes Torah seriously and who could sensitively reflect back what I was sharing with understanding and empathy. I felt and feel much lighter – Baruch Hashem - following the session. In terms of some of the specific aspects that were helpful: I definitely found it very useful to unpack the issue with you and to clarify what it is and what it is not. Yet something I had not anticipated that was additionally helpful was that I recognised that a few of the mekorot that you shared were from Torah thinkers whom I had been very drawn to and influenced by in my single days; ideas around the inherent complexity of life, embracing an approach that is not glib or simplistic, and recognising that this is part of a more nuanced and possibly more ‘mature’ perspective on Yahadut and on our relationship with Hashem. These ideas had all resonated with me many years ago, but during the session I recognised that somehow I haven’t integrated that philosophy into my married-with-kids life. How exactly to do that integrating remains to be seen – though it is likely that it will be helped by some of the readings you’ve kindly suggested. Still, it does feel reassuring to know that these are beliefs that I have encountered and actively embraced in the past. I want to reiterate how much I appreciate your thoughtful preparation of the range of mekorot that you considered might be useful or relevant, as well as the follow-up message you sent. The effort involved in carefully collating the wide-ranging material, the humble presentation of it and the huge respect that you give to your students and clients are truly impressive qualities. Thank you.”
"I would like to thank you for our session. You gave me menuchat hanefesh to deal with my family situation - and I thank you for that. I bless you with continuation to have the right words and advice for anyone who seeks it."