#VirtualRabbi Services

Rav Johnny was blessed to grow up in a community with a Rabbi who was not only an exceptional Torah scholar and halachic decisor, but also someone to whom he could turn in order to discuss questions relating to his spiritual growth. In recent years, and especially since becoming more active in sharing his Torah ideas online, Rav Johnny has been contacted by many men and women who do not have a Rabbi and who have turned to him for ‘spiritual coaching’, ‘halachic consultations’, and ‘one-to-one learning’, and over a period of time, a virtual community has developed whom Rav Johnny serves as a #VirtualRabbi. Of course, the notion of a Virtual Rabbi – as often promoted on ‘Ask the Rabbi’ websites – has existed for many years. But there are many limitations to a medium where anonymous questioners post queries to Rabbis who don’t know them. And this is precisely why Rav Johnny has chosen a different model of being a #VirtualRabbi where he connects directly with people who let him know what they want to discuss ahead of time. He then prepares for each sessions and, in the hour-long session, the client has an uninterrupted hour-long face-to-face (online) conversation. Below are some testimonials of some of Rav Johnny’s clients, as well as links to book a session with him. To find out more about Rav Johnny’s fees, click here.

Top reasons #VirtualRabbi services are user friendly:



Meet with me from the comfort of your home.


Easy Booking

Fix a time to meet in just a few clicks that works with your schedule.



I prepare content for each session according to each individual’s needs and interests.



I am discreet in terms of whatever topic or questions clients wish to discuss with me.



While most sessions are in English, I am a fluent hebrew speaker and offer sessions in hebrew as well.